#LetsTalkBlogChallenge – Magazines Vs Blogging

LTBC Week 5God time just flies doesn’t it! it’s hard to believe but this is the second last post for the Lets Talk Blog Challenge  which is being hosted by Sarah over At The Beauty Desk. This weeks topic is an opinion piece on the difference between magazines and blogging.

I obviously write primarily about beauty on my blog and the first thing I tend to seek out in a magazine are the beauty pages. I was trying to summarise my thoughts on the difference between beauty products in blogs and in magazines so I’ve made a little list below:



  • Lovely photos
  • Real Beauty Stories
  • Reader Beauty Product Polls
  • Competitions

Don’t Love

  • Lots of ads
  • Photo shopping and beauty pressure
  • Obviously sponsored editorial posts
  • Very few bad reviews



  • Honest reviews good and bad
  • Real people writing
  • Ability to comment
  • Social media interaction
  • Supportive communities #irishbbloggers and #bbloggers
  • Quick to hear about new products

Don’t Love

  • Hidden sponsored posts
  • Posts with no photos – always have photos!
  • Mean comments or trolling

So I know I am biased but blogs definitely win over magazines for me. With blogs you feel like you’re getting advice from a friend but with magazines you feel there may be some advertiser or sponsorship bias. I still love magazines for ideas and inspiration but when I’m buying a beauty product I will turn to blogs! What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “#LetsTalkBlogChallenge – Magazines Vs Blogging

  1. sarah

    Love your list approach Sarah. There are definite pros and cons to both. The photoshop and ad thing in magazines was something I included too. Thankfully I’ve not had any negative comments or trolling on my blog but it’s such a shame it happens, we should all support one another.

    1. Sarah Post author

      Yeah I’ve never had any negative comments but I’ve seen it happen others, we all should support each other as you say!


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