#LetsTalkBlogChallenge – Birthday Box!

Lets talk blog challenge

This is the third week in the Lets Talk Blog Challenge that is being hosted by Sarah who blogs over At The Beauty Desk. This topic is a complete fantasy post, you basically get to pick whatever you would like to get for your birthday in a dream world! It could be very easy to get carried away but I will try my best to be a little restrained, ha ha, no chance…

MonartA trip to Monart Spa – I have wanted to go to this spa for aaages. It’s Irelands top destination five star spa and is supposed to be amazeballs. My perfect birthday would involve a pampering trip ideally with a lovely facial/massage included. I’m actually going to Monart in June with my girls so I cannot wait!


chanel255Chanel 2.55 Handbag - In a complete dream world my ideal birthday present would be a Chanel handbag. It’s such a classic and I know I would love it forever. These start at about €2,500 though which is ridiculous money when you think about it but if somebody was to give me one it would be very rude to say no!


YSLYSL La Laque Couture Colour Collection – I have a major nail polish addiction and I am constantly adding to it despite owning every colour known to man! I almost drooled when I saw this Yves Saint Laurent collection of 24 of their beautiful nail polishes in a gorgeous black case. It costs just a mere €450! This is something I would never buy in a million years so would make a brilliant dream present.

cliffAmazing Food – No birthday for me would be complete without food and lots of it. I love to eat out so a dream birthday for me would include a meal in a top restaurant. I’ve wanted to try the Cliff Townhouse for a long time now so my perfect birthday could include a meal there :-).


I better stop now before I get totally carried away! But these are just some of the dream treats I would love for my birthday. What would your ideal birthday present be?

20 thoughts on “#LetsTalkBlogChallenge – Birthday Box!

  1. Amy

    Oh lordy that YSL polish box is unbelievable! I don’t know would I be able to use it though, for that money it’d go on my mantelpiece :P

  2. sarah

    As I said on twitter it’s so easy to get carried away with these kind of posts ;) but your choices are fab and not too far fetched ;) A Chanel bag would be the ultimate luxury though wouldn’t it. I just stared it the picture of it for about 5 minutes there…so pretty ;)

  3. Stephanie Barry

    Oh no! Don’t remind me of those YSL polishes! Have been dreaming of them since I first saw the collection! Why do they do this to us? Haha! So expensive but it just looks so pretty in that box :D


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