#LetsTalkBlogChallenge – Festival Survival Guide

LTBC Week 4The topic for this weeks Lets Talk Blog Challenge is to write a wedding, first date, night out or festival survival guide. I decided to go for festival as it can feel like a survival mission at times! The last festival I went to was Forbidden Fruit last year, it was a great one but it’s not a true festival festival as you don’t have to camp. The last camping festival I went to was Electric Picnic and many moons ago I went to Oxegen for three years in a row before it started to get a bit rough. I’m mainly going to look at this from a beauty point of view with a few tips thrown in but here’s what I think you need to survive:

LTBC WaterwipesWipes - Unless you’re in a fancy camping site or caravan you’re not going to have a shower, possibly for three or four days. Wipes will be your best friend. You have to accept from the second day on you are just not going to feel clean, embrace your festival self! I’ve been loving the new WaterWipes, They’ve all natural ingredients and would work well on face and body. Your just going to kiss your skincare regime bye for a few days! A small pack of these is €3.49.

LTBC BatisteDry Shampoo - The no showering unfortunately also means your hair will suffer after day one, This is the bit I hate the most. This coupled with the fact that it could be lashing rain or sweatily warm, you need to be a bit prepared. So arm yourself with a can of dry shampoo and lots of hair clips and pins. You can get inventive with lots of upstyles. At some festivals you can get your hair washed and blow dried, so that can be an option if you’re desperate!

LTBC WaterproofWaterproof Makeup - You really just don’t know what the weather is going to do at a festival so I would definitely wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Anything goes at a festival really so it’s a good opportunity to try out some colourful looks, whatever takes your fancy! I like colourful liners and nails for festivals.


LTBC No7SPF - You will not want to be in your tent too much so you will be outside a lot. Even if it’s not scorching out you need to protect your skin. Over the years I’ve seen many a scorched body lying in the grass, don’t be one of them! I’m loving the Boots No7 Anti Dark Spot SPF50 for face and any of the La Roche Posay spfs for body are good as well.


LTBC AccesoriesAccessories - You can’t bring too much clothes with you as you don’t have the space and you will cry when you have to carry it all from the bus/car along with your tent, booze and snacks. I would recommend bringing basics and dress things up with cool necklaces, earrings and hair accessories.


Other Festival Must Haves:

  • Hand sanitiser – there will be no soap!
  • Sunglasses.
  • Raincoat and wellies.
  • Painkillers.
  • Toilet roll/tissues (see below).
  • Portable phone charger.
  • Earplugs if you actually want to sleep.
  • A flag/mascot for your tent – all the tents will look exactly the same!

Festival Tips:

  • PLEASE DON’T BRING YOUR GOOD MAKEUP! or anything valuable for that matter, tents are very easy to get into. Bring nothing you would cry over losing. Always carry anything valuable on you.
  • YOU CANNOT HAVE TOO MUCH TOILET ROLL! The portaloos will not be pleasant after Saturday night and there definitely wont be loo roll.
  • Bring enough cash. There may or may not be working ATMs, if you want to eat make sure you bring enough cash.
  • Do not pitch your tent at the bottom of a hill, if it rains you’re screwed!
  • Bring something to hammer tent pegs or you will spend the whole weekend tying your tent down.

Are you going to any festivals this summer? What do you think is a festival essential? Thanks again to Sarah over At The Beauty Desk for organising this challenge.

16 thoughts on “#LetsTalkBlogChallenge – Festival Survival Guide

  1. Aisling McGarrigle

    Completely with you on the valuable make-up. I once brought a brand new bottle of perfume to a festival and got it taken off me before I even got in. I actually cried. hahah xxx

  2. sarah

    Great post sarah. I’ve been to a few festivals and I must say the tent mascot is such a brilliant idea. Especially when you think you’re going to be the only one with a particular tent design, you’re not.. They all look the same after a few drinks in the pitch dark ;)

    1. Sarah Post author

      Thanks Sarah!yeah all the tents become a blurr. We had a big massive house style tent one year and people were using it as a landmark to find their tents, fun times!


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