Lacura Concealer Pen – Supermarket Bargain

Lacura Concealer Pen

Lacura Concealer Pen

Now I’m not sure that this product will be breaking news for everyone but it’s one of those products that I’ve been meaning to pick up forever. It’s a concealer pen by Aldis beauty brand Lacura. I couldn’t resist as I was picking up some not so glamorous cotton wool beside it. For €4.99 it wasn’t going to bust the shopping budget.

It’s actually quite fancy looking for a supermarket brand. It comes in a sleek black pen, similar to the Yves Saint Laurent brush pen, although no metal feel here, it’s plastic! It has the same click bottom system as Touche Eclat and you have to click it a few times to get the concealer moving.

Lacura Concealer Pen Brush

Lacura Concealer Pen Brush

I’m very impressed by the concealer I have to say. The colour I chose was 200 Savanna, from the selection I saw I think there might be four shades. This is quite a yellow tone but that can work for me to cover up redness. It also has quite a matte feel to it.

To give you an idea I have swatched it against Touche Eclat and the fabulous Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (Light). The Lacura concealer is more matte than Touche Eclat and feels heavier. It’s not as heavy as Lasting Perfection.

Lacura Concealer Pen Swatch

Lacura Concealer Pen Swatch – sorry just noticed pens are wrong way around!

This is a great bargain buy I have to say and a pretty close dupe to YSL. It’s not quite as highlighting and doesn’t have as silky a texture but it’s pretty good. I also want to take this opportunity to sing the praises of the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. When I went to wash the swatches above off my arm (with water) the YSL and Lacura came off with a bit of a rub but that Collection concealer was going nowhere! It’s fab if you’re looking for a heavy duty concealer and its only about €6.49 in Boots. Bargain-tastic.

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