Korean Beauty Haul!

Korea HaulThanks to great reviews from my fellow bloggers Makeup Monster and more recently Total Makeup Addict I have been lusting after the Skin 79 BB creams. Total Makeup Addict led me to a great site called eopenmarket and I got distracted by all the Korean beauty product shininess. I of course could not limit my order to one thing. Here’s what I bought.

Well top of the shopping list were the Skin 79 BB creams. After reading Makeup Monsters review here and Total Makeup Addicts here I decided to opt for the Gold and Purple versions of the BB Creams. I would have ordered the Green one but it wasn’t in stock on the site when I ordered. I will write a proper review once I’ve road tested these but the Gold is lighter than the Purple one and has a lower SPF of 25 compare to the high SPF45 of the purple cream. How gorgeous are the bottles for these? The gold cost just $10 (€7) and the purple $15 (€11).

Korea BB cream

I also decided to order a few masks as they just sound so promising, I ordered three collagen sheet masks for just $3 as well as a set of under eye collagen masks for $1.  They’re probably too cheap to be amazing but I’m prepared to give them a try. I also ordered the Missha Konjac sponge. I do like using these sponges, they’re very delicate for my Rosacea prone skin also this cost just $3 so I couldn’t say no.

I could not leave the site without ordering this Tony Moly bunny lip gloss! Aggh how cute is it, I ordered this entirely for the packaging, you’d think I was 10 years old. The gloss stick itself is actually lovely and gives lips a bit of a sheen.  This cost just $5.

Tony Moly Bunny Gloss

The parcel arrived with a few samples but this website also does a cool sample box. You basically pay $6 and they sent me a massive bag of random samples as you can see below. I just love this, it’s like the makeup equivalent of a lucky dip bag. Some of the samples were more generous sizes as you can see, these come in handy for travelling or having in my work makeup bag.

Korea Haul Samples

This site is very cool, it looks a bit basic when you log on but there is a great selection of products and mine were delivered in 5 working days to me. Delivery is based on weight but mine cost just $10. In total I spent the equivalent of €40 and I feel I got some lovely products for that, plus I had fun with my lucky dip samples! Have you tried any Korean beauty products?

10 thoughts on “Korean Beauty Haul!

  1. Aisling (totalmakeupaddict)

    Delighted to enable and even more delighted to hear that you’re happy with everything you picked up so far, can’t wait to hear how you get on with your goodies! Hopefully this is the start of a long and beautiful relationship between you and Korean skincare! :) :)

  2. Rachel

    Amazing! I have to try some stuff out from this website. I bought a few bits and pieces when I was in China, they are mad about their face masks over there!

    1. Sarah Post author

      I know and some of the samples are so random (snail serum), I’m enjoying trying them out!


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