Kiko Cushion Foundation Review

Kiko Cushion Foundation

Kiko Cushion Foundation

Well I am a bit of a sucker for a trend but as a beauty blogger that’s a dangerous space to be in. You have to be careful not to get suckered into buying every new trend on the block or it’s a surefire way to brokesville. The new cushion foundations really caught my eye though. I remember British Beauty Blogger Jane predicting this would be the next big thing to come from Korea a while back and I’ve been tempted to order one from my fave Korean cosmetics online store. However I was recently in a Kiko store in France and spotted their new cushion foundation and decided to give it a whirl.

Kiko Cushion Foundation pots

If you’re not familiar with a cushion foundation it basically means the foundation is stored in a well underneath a sponge so the product soaks into the sponge giving it a lightweight texture. They’re designed to be applied with a sponge but I actually preferred using my fingers. The Kiko packaging is almost identical to the much more pricey Lancôme Miracle Cushion. It has a double store to keep the product from drying out or leaking. You open the top lid and then there is another level that you click open to reveal the cushion. You only have to lightly press on the cushion to get a lot of product.  I think you need to be careful with the hygiene of cushion foundations. I think using the same sponge on sponge couldn’t be great so I personally would apply it with clean fingers.

Well the first and glaringly obvious mistake I made was the shade. This shade Warm Beige 60 is far too dark for me, what was I thinking?  The lighting in the shop was a little dark and blue toned so maybe that’s how it happened but now I just think I am blind. This is what happens when you’re a beauty blogger and you get excited about something new and you buy the wrong thing! For the purposes of the review I’m going to ignore the fact that the shade is entirely wrong.

Kiko Cushion Foundation Warm Beige 60

Kiko Cushion Foundation Warm Beige 60

The foundation feels really cooling you initially apply it which makes it perfect for summer and it also contains and SPF25 which is great to keep skin protected. I expected this to be light coverage but it’s actually medium to high coverage. What surprised me about this was it felt a little drying on my skin, more so than my regular Colorstay foundation which is quite high coverage. I expected this to be more like BB creams which are quite moisturising.

This is described as a CC cream but I would say this is more camouflaging than colour correcting as the coverage is quite high. I wore this around the house for a few hours – as it’s too dark for me to go out in public with! This wore pretty well but I didn’t overly like the drying feeling of it.

I’m a bit on the fence about this one, maybe if you got the right shade – duh Sarah – and had oilier skin than me you might get on really well with it. If  your skin is of a dry disposition you might want to give it a miss.This is however very price competitive with other cushion foundations at just €15. You can order Kiko online here and they deliver to Ireland for €5.90 and delivery is free if you spend over €49. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of the cushion foundations.

4 thoughts on “Kiko Cushion Foundation Review

  1. Sharon Leavy

    That’s such a nuisance that the shade didn’t suit you, that happened me with the Lancome one I was sent – looked like that tanned woman from There’s Something About Mary! I bought one from Korea and had the near opposite problem – so pale that it barely shows up. Officially given up on cushions x


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