Kiko Anti-Age Peeling Gel

Kiko antiage peeling

Well colour me Kiko at the moment. I am all over the Kiko products since my little France haul. I couldn’t get over how cheap some of the Kiko goodies are, the skincare in particular is great value with most items hovering around the €10 mark. I love anything with peel in the name as it usually means it’s a safe way for me to exfoliate my skin without scrubbing it. So when I spied the Kiko Anti-Age Peeling Gel for just under €7 I knew it had my name written all over it.

This product is a gel formula with a very fine grain in it. Below is the full ingredient list but on the more active side it contains lactic acid (exfoliating), papain (exfoliating enzyme) and arogenissus bark (elasticity). It goes on as a light gel put when mixed with water is more serum like. I just rub it around skin and rinse off with a flannel. This stuff is really gentle but does have a mild scrub element which you might not like if you hate a scrub. My skin does feel nicely smooth and soft after using this with no irritation.

Kiko antiagepeeling ingredients

This is designed for use only once or twice a week so is similar to a peeling mask but you don’t leave it on. You get a generous 75ml of product for the tiny €6.90 it costs. This product kind of reminds me of the Ziaja range, simple, effective no frills skincare. Have you tried anything from the Kiko skincare range?

6 thoughts on “Kiko Anti-Age Peeling Gel

    1. Sarah Post author

      I hiiighly recommend the water eyeshadows I’m a bit in love with mine, will have a review next week

  1. Sharon Leavy

    I placed an order with them nearly a month ago and still haven’t received it! I’ve only ever tried a few nail polishes and an eyeshadow stick, both lovely.


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