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Ha ha this is a bit of a funny one, I never thought I’d be reviewing a bobbin (bobble, hair tie – whatever you call it!) on the blog. But this is one of those products you never knew you wanted until you got one. I got this in my last British Beauty Blogger box here and at first I didn’t really know what it was!

When I first saw the Invisibobble I assumed it disappeared when you put it on, so you couldn’t see it in your hair but that’s not really the case, you can see the bobbin, mine especially because it’s yellow. What this bobbin is designed to do is really simple but a great idea.

If like me you have long straight hair and tie it in a ponytail/put it in a bun, when you take it down there’s often a line across your hair or it’s got a kink in it. Basically this bobbin stops that from happening. I know it’s a first world problem right! But I have to say I really love this. I often like to sleep with my hair tied up and this bobbin doesn’t feel too tight, pull or snag my hair and when I take it out my hair is as straight as when I tied it up.


I think this would be more invisible in the hair if I had a shade similar to my hair colour so I’ll definitely be picking a brown one up. I just checked and they also have a clear one. The Invisibobble only costs €5 and there’s three in a box, so they’re not too pricey. I’ve found myself hunting mine down when I can’t find it because I like it so much, who knew eh!

6 thoughts on “Invisibobble Review

  1. Nora

    I tried similar ones from Penneys assuming it disappeared also but no it doesn’t. However, it’s great for no kinks too!! You should check them out!

  2. Sharon Leavy

    Ahh! I always thought it turned invisible too!! It looks like those telephone cord bracelets that used to be really popular in the 90s. I guarantee you I would lose it within a week but it’s definitely something I would try!

    1. Sarah Post author

      I know! I think they shouldve called it something else, it is good thought but youre right about losing ive lost one out of three already!


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