I’m off to Peru!


Lovely image of Machu Pichu found here

This is just a quick post to let you know that I’m taking a four week blogging break as tomorrow I’m off on the trip of a lifetime to Peru with my sister! I’m so excited  to visit South America and I haven’t seen my sister for four months! I’ve been mad busy packing this week and getting sorted.

I was going to schedule a few posts for when I’m away but I decided I’m going to use the trip to totally switch off and take an extended break from the t’interwebs, so I won’t be checking in on the blog. I think a break will be really good but I’ll be back soon, full of beans, working on re-designing the blog and plenty of new posts!

Anyway just wanted to let you know in case you check in while I’m away and wonder why so quiet. Thanks as always for reading :-)

Sarah xxx

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