Hydraluron Review – you need this!

hydraluronIn the last few weeks my skin has started to get drier and drier. I have skin that is naturally a bit dry and I work in an entirely air conditioned office where you can’t open the windows, so my poor skin takes a bit of a beating every day. I have been using my heaviest moisturiser lately but I really don’t get a full day of comfortable skin with it.

I started doing a bit of research on it and Hydraluron came up again and again as a total must have for keeping skin hydrated. Now I always get a bit sceptical when something is super popular so I was careful to do my research on it. Hydraluron is made by Indeed Labs, the people who brought out Nanoblur, a product everyone raved about that smoothes out your face, I’ve never tried that one though.

Hydraluron contains ‘the worlds purest grade of hyaluronic acid from the Netherlands’. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that retains water basically. So overtime is increases the moisture retained in deeper layers of your skin apparently. It’s a clear light serum that you apply under your moisturiser. You only need a pea sized bit of the product to cover your whole face. I’ve been applying it to my neck and chest as well.


Now I’m not great with the science stuff but all I can tell you is it’s definitely working for me! Since I’ve started using this a few weeks ago I’ve noticed my skin looks smoother and plumper and doesn’t feel as tight as usual after a day in the office. You can really feel your skin sucking up the moisture from this. I also might be imagining this but I think it has calmed some of the redness in my skin as well, might be the cooling gel consistency of it.

I would highly recommend this as a way to keep your skin lovely and soft throughout the winter months. It costs €32 and you can only get it in Boots. Let me know what you think if you’ve tried it!

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