Favourite Budget Makeup Buys Under €10

under 10

I am really trying to save all my sheckles at the moment so am trying my very best not to buy all the things but am regularly failing. So to keep myself on track I thought I would share some my favourite budget buys to inspire me. I’m going to start with makeup. Here are some of the budget buys that I love!

Kiko Intense Colour Long Lasting Eyeliner (€7.50) I would like to apologise for my Kiko eyeliner not being in the photos. I was at a hen party last weekend and my clutch bag fell open. A load of my stuff fell out and I thought I’d gotten everything back but in my slightly tipsy state I missed two items – my bank card – and my new Kiko eyeliner. I’m not ashamed to admit that I am more upset about the eyeliner! I can’t get Kiko here so will have to order online. This eyeliner is fab and I think I like it better than my *gasp* Urban Decay 24/7 liners and that’s saying something. It glides on and doesn’t budge all day, which is difficult with my watery allergy prone eyes. A total winner and a bargain!

Penneys Mini Makeup Sponges (€2) – Aww just look at them, they’re so dinky! I picked these up given my recent Beauty Blender obsession. There are three little sponges in slightly different shapes in the pack. They’re not as good as the Beauty Blender but as they’re only designed for concealer they do a good job of getting coverage under the eyes and around the nose. And they’re too cute!

Botanics Radiance Balm (€8.49) – Ok I know everyone and their mother bought this last year when it gained fame but I only got around to buying it a few weeks ago. It’s a gorgeous sheeny liquid that I find quite cooling and moisturising on the skin. It reminds me a little of the Benefit That Gal primer. It leaves a lovely highlight that I can definitely still see once I’ve applied my foundation. Botanics is a little Gem of a brand I tell ya.

under 10 palette

Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 palette (€6) Ok so no secret that I’m a Makeup Revolution fan but it’s started to bug me that they copy other products so much. I much prefer when I see them release palettes that are just theirs, they’re edgy and cool anyways. One of their original releases were the dupes of the Naked palettes. I picked up this Naked 2 dupe a while ago but have been using it quite regularly lately. There’s no arguing that these palettes aren’t original but they are very good quality for the price. They’re not Urban Decay quality in terms of wear time and pigment but they give decent colour payoff.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer (€3.99)  - You can’t beat Catrice for a budget buy, there isn’t much they do wrong that I’ve tried. When this concealer was launched many people compared it to the classic Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (another great budget buy). It doesn’t give as quite high coverage but is also less drying that the Collection one. I have dry skin so this one works a bit better for me especially under the eye area. I own the palest shade and it’s really pale so would suit really fair skins.

NYX Butter Glosses (€7) – Well these are a bit of a classic beauty buy but it’s a lot easier to get them now that NYX counters are popping up in some of the larger Boots. The counters I’ve seen so far in Dundrum and Jervis are massive so you are spoilt for choice with the full range of Butter Glosses. I love these as they’re high colour with a glossy finish without being sticky. I also find they last longer than normal glosses. They’re like my type of Pokemon – ‘Gotta catch em all’ – bonus points for working Pokemon into this post!

So that’s just a handful of my favourite budget buys. Do you have a special budget pick that you’d add to the list?

2 thoughts on “Favourite Budget Makeup Buys Under €10

  1. Makeup Monster

    I just bought those mini beauty blenders! I’m too hooked on the big one to fall for any cheaper versions but my mini beauty blender is looking ropey so I figured I’d give these a go as they’re so cheap:)


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