Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm Review

Emma Hardie Pot Closed

I probably keep saying this but I am cleanser obsessed at the moment. I have way more than one person could possibly need! I was wandering the Marks and Spencer beauty hall a while back and spotted the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Starter Kit for just €35 and thought this was my chance to try the cult cleansing balm. The kit contained a 50ml cleansing balm, cleansing cloth and age support face cream but it was the balm I was really interested in.

This review is probably going to be pretty brief as this stuff is really the biz. First of all this smells amazing. The main ingredients in this are grape seed oil and sweet almond oil. It also contains Vitamin E to help balance and nourish skin, Orange and Mandarin extracts to revitalise and Jasmine and Rose to nourish dry and dehydrated skin. This balm just screams quality. It feels really luxurious when you apply it to skin. It goes on as a creamy balm but quickly turns to an oil. If you’re familiar with my favourite Clinique Take The Day Off Balm this isn’t quite as oily as that but has a thicker balm texture

Emma Hardie Pot open

This does a great job at removing makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean but nourished which is important for my dry skin. You can also use this as a nourishing face mask by leaving it on for 10 minutes. This isn’t the cheapest cleansing balm by far but it really earns its higher price tag. The full size 100ml balm is €50 but a little does go a long way with this.  If you’re a fan of a cleansing balm then I urge you to give this a try!  If you’ve tried this out let me know what you think.

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