Current Favourites!

Current FavouritesI’ve been having a bit of bloggers block this week. Sometimes writing is so easy and other times you have to feel really inspired. I decided I’d take a look at what I’m loving at the moment to get a bit of my mojo back. So in the words of Mary Poppins here are a few of my favourite things!

Skin 79 BB Cream Purple (€14) – This is my go to base at the moment. I really love the coverage of it and it’s quite long lasting for a BB cream. It’s also a great skin protector with an SPF40. You can read my full review of this here.

No7 BB Lips Blink Pink (€11.75) – When I first got this I don’t think I really appreciated it but lately I’ve noticed how soft my lips are from using it. It leaves lips with a delicate pink sheen as well. I also love lipglosses with slanted applicators they all should have them, so easy peasy.

Current Favourites palette

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush and Contour palette in Hot Spice (€7) – I’m in love with the Makeup Revolution products and this palette is no exception. I will do a full review and swatches soon but it contains a mix of coral blushers and highlighters. I’m using this everyday and the blushes last really well.

Ziaja Sensitive Body and Face wash gel (€3 on sale) – There was a sale in my local pharmacy so I picked this up for a few euro. It’s a great face and body wash for sensitive skin. It really reminds me of the Cetaphil cleanser that lots of people with sensitive skin love. I’ve tried this on my face and body and it’s really gentle. I also love that it has a pump for the shower, so handy.

Favourites skincare

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense moisturiser(€23) – I just seem to have constant dry skin at the moment. This moisturiser is a godsend for my parched sensitive skin. It’s really soothing and hydrating at the same time. I’d be lost without it!

This Works Deep Sleep Spray (€40 large size) - This spray is literally sleep in a bottle. It contains essential oils of lavender and cammomile to help soothe you off to the land of nod. It might seem a bit simple as a sleep solution but I definitely feel I’ve been sleeping better since I started using it!

Well there are some of my current favourite products. What have you been loving this month?

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