Confessions of a Beauty Blogger!


Well I’ve done a few things recently that made me wonder if I’m going to turn into crazy beauty blogger lady! Beauty bloggers (and other bloggers) are usually a dedicated bunch but the reason we’re so dedicated is that we’re a little bit obsessed by our chosen topic. That got me thinking to some of the weird things you do as a beauty blogger that have just become normal. I hope I am not the only one who does some of these things!

Keeping empty boxes!

I only copped this one the other day when I opened one of my cupboard doors and a load of empty boxes fell on top of me. For some reason I hoard product boxes long after I’ve even finished the product. I just think what if I didn’t quite take a photo right or if I need to check the ingredients, that’s a good enough reason to hang on to a bunch of cardboard! There’s also a stash of empty bottles and the like in case I feel the need to do an empties post, essentially I am storing my own rubbish.

Some of my empty box collection!

Some of my empty box collection!

The urge to butt in on beauty conversations!

I was standing beside a La Roche Posay counter the other day and there were two women trying to decide between two creams. In my head I was shouting ‘pick the Hydraphase.’ but had to bite my tongue. I realised how much i love joining in a beauty product conversation. I see someone picking up a product and I’m immediately thinking ‘oh no don’t buy that’ or ‘yes love it’. I also love checking what people have in their shopping baskets. I need help clearly.

Rushing to take photos because the light is right!

This is probably true for a lot of bloggers. I’ve regularly jumped to grab my camera because the sun was shining or because it was going to get dark soon. It’s much harder to take accurate photos of makeup and such with a flash and daylight really does work best. As we’re entering more wintery times this battle against the light will start again!

Some of my other Beauty Blogger confessions are:

  • Enabling my fellow bloggers to purchase despite their spending ban
  • Buying into the hype (and occasionally stubbornly not!)
  • Stalking Caroline Hirons
  • Lots of public swatching leading to glittery arms
  • Not using products until they’ve been photographed
  • Buying way more stuff than one person could possibly need!

So fellow beauty bloggers do you agree? Have you any confessions to add to the list?

8 thoughts on “Confessions of a Beauty Blogger!

  1. Nicole

    I’m sitting here nodding “yes” to every single point in the post!! I’m a major box hoarder and I always keep an eye on the light haha. Had one of those butting in on beauty conversations moments yesterday but had to but my tongue also!

  2. Yvonne

    Oh god yes. I’ve recently realised I’m hoarding boxes and I’ve no idea why, yet I still haven’t thrown them away. They’re in a pretty bag by my bed….you know, in case I need them during the night or something.


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