CND Vinylux Review

CND Vinylux Polish Tropix bottles

I have wanted to try this product for ages and ages! I finally got my act together and picked up a bottle of this at the nail bar in the Jervis Centre. Vinylux is a new long lasting polish system from the creators of Shellac CND. I’m a fan of Shellac but don’t like the effect it has on my nails so Vinylux sounds like the perfect solution for me. It promises to last 7 days without a chip but it’s not a traditional gel polish so you don’t need to use a UV lamp with this.

Vinylux is a two step system. You start by painting two coats of the colour on your nails. You don’t use any base coat as it can effect the performance of the polish. The colour goes on pretty opaque in one coat but I added the second as instructed. When the coats are dry you then finish it off with the topcoat. The topcoat contains ‘Pro-Light Technology’ which means the polish should become more durable when it’s exposed to natural light.

CND Vinylux Polish

CND Vinylux Polish Tropix

The shade I got was Tropix a lovely creamy bright coral. It went on perfectly as you can see above so I was excited to see how long it would last. I was a little surprised that I started to see tip wear on day 2, I expected it might last a little longer than that. I also was suprised to get a massive chip on my left hand on day 3. I had been doing a lot of DIY (Shocking!) so I thought I’d be fair and reapply the polish again and give it another try. But unfortunately it chipped again for me on Day 3! This shade also stained my nails a little, so I missed being able to use my base coat.

CND Wear

Day 3 Big Chip Unfortunately :-(

I’m a little bit disappointed as I would really love if it would last 7 days on me but it may just be my nails. I know others have found this great and can get the full wear out of it but unfortunately it looks like it’s not for me :-( If you fancy giving Vinylux a try I paid €18 for my colour and topcoat but I think you might be able to get this cheaper online. Let me know if you have tried this and how it worked for you!

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