Cien Nail Polish Remover

Cien Nail Polish Remover

Cien Nail Polish Remover

Ah I can’t believe I’m writing a post about nail polish remover, very exciting! But I’m making an exception for this product because I really, really like it! I’m sure lots of my fellow beauty bloggers already know about this one or if you do your weekly shop in Lidl you may have discovered it already. Apologies for the photos, my camera wasn’t cooperating with me.

I’d been very bold recently and was using gel nail polish remover (pure acetone basically) for a while which wasn’t doing my nails any favours. I knew I needed to get a normal remover pronto. I spotted this little bottle on a quick food shop through Lidl. I always give the cosmetic counters a bit of a browse but I hadn’t noticed this before.

Now it’s not just any oul bottle of nail polish remover it comes with a cool push down top. So you hold the cotton pad over the circle bit at the top and push down to cover the pad in remover. It’s similar to the ones you see used in salons. It means you can dispense nail polish remover with one hand which is great if you’re in the middle of painting your nails. It also means you don’t get remover all over the shop if you drop the bottle.


It’s not just the bottle that impressed me, I also liked the formula of the remover. It quickly removed all traces of nail polish with no overwhelming acetone smell. It also seemed to be quite moisturising, my nails didn’t feel super dry after. I bought the blue version which contains acetone, I haven’t tried the pink version which is acetone free. I know acetone free is better for your nails but I just find the ones I’ve tried are useless for removing polish.

The real clincher for this product is that it only cost €1.89! I know we’re only talking nail varnish remover here but that’s still good value for a great quality product. I highly recommend you pick this up when you’re doing your next food shop. Let me know if you’ve tried it!

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      1. Sarah

        Yes I emailed custone services at the weekend and they have replied to say it has been discontinued and they have no date for its return however, they are confident the product will be back soon.


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