Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick

Catrice gloss

Well I’m a lip gloss girl through and through. I know it’s not very beauty blogger of me but I rarely wear lipstick and when I do it tends to be a lipgloss/lipstick hybrid such as my favourite Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker gloss sticks. Recently I have also been absolutely loving the Catrice Made to Stay Lip Polish but sadly they have been discontinued :-( Every cloud has a silver lining though as the peeps at Catrice sent me this new Shine Appeal Fluid lipstick in shade 07 ‘Better Make a Mauve’ to try.

I got quite excited when I received this because as soon as I opened it, it reminded me of one of my favourite lipglosses of all time. I have a Chanel lipgloss that I’ve had longer than I’d like to admit and I save it for special use because I’m afraid it’s going to run out. They don’t make the shade anymore so I closely guard it. So I squealed a little when I opened this because it was so similar as you can see. The Catrice gloss has a slightly more pink tone to it but it’s close enough for me!

Top - Chanel Bottom - Catrice

Top – Chanel Bottom – Catrice

It turns out the similarities don’t end there as the glosses are of a similar quality. The Catrice one has a very glossy look but feels more creamy on lips than sticky. This has fairly good staying power but most glosses don’t have much longevity. I would say this is a gloss in it’s truest sense, I’m not sure what ‘Fluid Lipstick’ implies but I might have expected something not quite as glossy. That doesn’t take away from it’s loveliness as a gloss as you can see below.

Catrice Gloss Swatch

The Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick  closely matches my Chanel gloss both in colour and quality but obviously for a much smaller price tag of €4.49. I’ll definitely be adding a few of these to my already too massive gloss collection! There are eight shades available on Catrice counters in pharmacies nationwide now.

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