BB Mine! – Catrice BB Cream Review

Catrice BB Cream Foundation

Catrice BB Allround Foundation

BB, Schmeee B…. is it getting a bit yea whatever? And now we have CC creams and probably DD,EE and FF creams, enough already.

Now I do love a trend as much as the next person – in fact I am a total beauty ho – but I’m still wondering will the BB’s be (ha ha -sorry) a permanent fixture or will they gradually be discontinued onto the beauty fad rubbish heap.

I liked the idea of the BB cream and my first investment was, like most people, the Garnier one. I kind of/sort of liked it but the colour was just a bit off and made me look a little too shiny – on the chip pan shiny side not the healthy glow shiny side. I wasn’t totally bought in and thought maybe the BB’s were just a fad, not for me.

But of course that resolution did not last long, I saw the Catrice one with a fab SPF 30 and thought why not? It costs just €6.49 and it’s really beyond reasonable for the quality of it. It claims six benefits of Balancing, Correcting, Protecting, Illuminating, Covering and Moisturising.I really do think it does all of these! Below gives you an idea of the texture, this is shade 020, one of four shades.



It’s a heavier coverage than the Garnier one, it is more foundation like. It’s definitely not shiny but does give a nice highlight, while also managing to be a little bit mattifying for my oily nose. You can wear it alone but I’ve been wearing it under my regular Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation and I definitely think it gives foundation a bit extra to get you through the day. Also you have the bonus protection of the SPF in the same product.

Veery good – just don’t discontinue it please Catrice!

6 thoughts on “BB Mine! – Catrice BB Cream Review

  1. Fiona

    Hey – I haven’t tried BB creams as I thought they might be too light in coverage for me but I like the sound of this as it gives a little more coverage & great idea about using under foundation, never thought of that! Will definitely give this a try! Great review Beauty Angel

  2. Aileen

    Thanks for the great info on the BB cream, heading down to Pennys at lunch time and grab 2! Have searched in vain for your other great tips for the ‘real techniques’ expert face brush and the Collection 2000 concealer – will keep searching and let you know how I get on!


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