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2015 Beauty Advent Calendar Roundup!

Beauty Advent Calendars 2015

Look I know it’s early and we shouldn’t be saying the C word until after Halloween but the unfortunate reality is the beauty world started launching festive gifts at least a month ago and there are advent calendars-a-plenty! I don’t know what it is about a beauty advent calendar but they just make me a bit giddy! I feel the same excitement as I did about the chocolate ones as a kid – actually that’s a lie, I still feel the same about the chocolate ones as well. There’s just something lovely about not knowing what you’re going to get and having a little surprise every day for the month of December. Here are some of my favourites of the advent releases this year, with picks for all budgets…

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Kiehls Klout Perk Surprise

Kiehls Klout Perk

This one was a bit of a surprise and I just want to give a heads up to my fellow bloggers who might not know about this. Klout is a network that gives you a score for your social media influence and the amount of interaction you get on your social media networks for certain categories. I signed up for it about a year ago just out of curiosity as somebody in work had been talking about it.

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My Latest Empties!


It’s just typical that all my products have started to run out at the same time and I’m a bit brokey cokey to start splashing the cash! I’ll have to hold out for payday to replace some of my stash. But I thought I would share my rubbish with you basically. Here’s all the bits going into the bin :-(

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What’s in my makeup bag now!


It’s been ages since I’ve written one of these posts but I know I sure do love reading other peoples so I thought I’d show you what’s in my makeup bag today! First up is the bag itself. This is a lovely Penney’s find and I like it for carting around my day to day makeup in my bag as you really can’t miss the neon pink when rummaging. I’d prefer if it was slightly wider but it does the job. Here’s what’s currently inside –  links to posts in the title if I’ve done a full review…

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Current Wishlist

wishlist cover

We’re approaching a new beauty season so all us beauty addicts have our eyes peeled for exciting launches around the corner. I’m trying to be good with my spending but that doesn’t stop me from developing a mental list of things I’d like to buy! Here are just some of the items I have on my current wishlist…

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Makeup brands I want to try in 2015


I very easily get stuck in a makeup rut, I sometimes find myself being drawn to the same brands and products just out of habit. I’m determined to try some new looks this year and want to broaden my makeup horizons. I’ve picked some brands that I really want to try out below, some seasoned makeup pros might gasp that I’ve never tried some of these!

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A Beauty Blogger Recommends!

blogger recommends

I was tagged by the lovely AJ over at AJ Makeup to do this tag post. This is where I share the beauty products that I recommend the most. I’ve had a good think about all of the products that I can’t run out of and would be lost without. It’s taken me a bit of time but I have whittled it down to the six products I recommend the most.

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