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Pro Beauty Show Haul

pro beauty haulThe Pro Beauty Show handily falls on the weekend of my birthday so it gives me a great excuse to treat myself a little bit! I got a bit carried away last year and bought a few too many nail polishes so I swore I wouldn’t buy as many this year. The show is held in the RDS and is mainly aimed at Beauty Salons and Therapists but I always gatecrash under the guise of blogging!

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Superdrug Haul!

superdrug haul all

I was over in lovely Bury St Edmunds in England recently visiting a friend of mine. She laughed when I told her one of the things I wanted to do was go to Superdrug! I was hoping they might stock Makeup Revolution, they didn’t in the one I went to unfortunately but I still managed to get stuck in buying! My justification for spending was because I was on holiday ha ha, my theory made no sense as you can buy everything I bought here but I don’t care! Here’s what I bought…

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Sunday Catchup!

Sunday Catchup

Welcome to the Sunday Catchup! Here I’ll give you a quick run through of what I’ve been writing about, other blog posts I’ve enjoyed and any beauty bits I’ve bought!

What I’ve been writing about this week…

sunday photo3

On Monday I wrote about my most favourite top coat in the whole world from Essence. I really think it is a good dupe for Seche Vite but I would be interested to hear what you think. It’s definitely worth trying as it costs just a few cents over €3.

I also wrote about my love for the Skin 79 BB creams. I have been wearing the purple one non stop since I got it so I’m really happy I bought them!

My nail of the week the week here was from No7. They’ve released their version off the ‘gel like’ polish. It’s very pretty but I don’t think it can compete with some of the other gel polishes out there.

Blog posts I’ve loved this week…

The ladies over at Viva Adonis were on fire with their posts this week I really enjoyed them. They wrote a great post about their favourite 15 products under €15 here. You know me, I love a bargain so obviously I want them all, the No7 cleansing oil in particular is calling me!

Rachael over at Overdose De Maquillage wrote about here lovely collection of MAC eye shadows. I don’t own many but I really want to add more to my collection. I’m ashamed to say I don’t own Satin Taupe, such a classic!

Lovely Girlie Bits always do a great vid but you simply have to watch the July favourites here just to see Karens much love for the L’Occitane fragrances! I want all of the things now!

What I’ve bought this week…

sunday catchup buys3

Ah I thought I was going to be really reserved this week but it’s only when you put them all together that I realise how much I bought. Firstly I bought the Vinylux polish which I’ve been meaning to try for ages. In Penney’s I picked up the cute makeup bags and the facial wipes. I don’t use the wipes for my face, I just use them to clean my makeup storage! My Mam also came back from her hols in France with three bottles of Serozinc for me, I really missed that stuff! I really am going to try be more restrained next week, I hope to be telling you I bought nothing!

So there you have it that was my blogging and beauty week. Hope you had a great one too! xx

Korean Beauty Haul!

Korea HaulThanks to great reviews from my fellow bloggers Makeup Monster and more recently Total Makeup Addict I have been lusting after the Skin 79 BB creams. Total Makeup Addict led me to a great site called eopenmarket and I got distracted by all the Korean beauty product shininess. I of course could not limit my order to one thing. Here’s what I bought.

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Giant Makeup Revolution Haul!

Makeup Revolution Haul!

Makeup Revolution Haul!

If you’ve been reading my blog over the last month you’ll notice I’m a big fan of new brand Makeup Revolution! I recently got a 25% discount code for them with my British Beauty Blogger Latest in Beauty box here. So my sister and I decided to make a bumper order of treats. Here’s what we got!

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Talkin bout a… Makeup Revolution!

makeup revolution haulApologies for the cheesy title but I just couldn’t resist, good thing I find myself hilarious eh! Well I’m not sure how new beauty brand Makeup Revolution first came on my radar but a quick browse of their website had me very excited. The brand launched a mere month ago in the UK and is creating quite a storm, so of course yours truly had to jump on the bandwagon! Here’s what I bought…

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Giant Sephora Haul!

Sephora HaulOk lads, this has to stop… my beauty spending is getting very out of control! My mum was heading to Florida recently so I sent her off with a little shopping list for Sephora and I’m already regretting the things I didn’t add to it which is ridiculous – you have enough stuff Sarah!!! So I am putting myself on an 8 week complete ban on buying any beauty related products, that’ll teach me to get carried away. But don’t worry I will show you what I got in Sephora…

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Benefit Little Love Potions

Benefit Little Love Potions

I got this little set as a pressie from my Mum for Christmas – thanks Mum! Last year I had the Sexy Little Stowaways set on my pressie wishlist but it was sold out in a lot of places. I love getting sets like these as gifts as they’re not really something I’d buy for myself. You get to try products out without having to fork out for the full size.

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