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Holiday Haul!

Holiday Haul Main
I’m just back from Tenerife where the family were celebrating my amazing Nans 90th birthday. She’s a real inspiration that having a positive attitude towards life is the key to enjoying it! I’ve been to Tenerife a few times and one thing I really like is the cosmetics bargains! Skincare and perfume tends to be a lot cheaper than at home and there are so many outlets they’re all competing on price. You can also scope out some nice makeup and I came across massive Flormar and Kiko stores. I couldn’t resist picking up a few bits so I thought I’d show you what I bought!

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My Christmas Beauty Haul!

christmas haul

The great thing about being a beauty blogger is that it’s pretty obvious what my gift of choice would be! This is not something which has gone unnoticed with my loved ones so generally at least half my gifts are beauty related. I’m also really greedy and tend to buy at least one or two things in the January sales. So I thought I’d give you a peek at the lovely beauty gifts I got for Christmas as well as the few bits I couldn’t resist in the sales!

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Soap & Glory Haul and Speed Reviews

Soap and Glory Haul

I’ve always been a huge Soap & Glory fan. They’re one brand that has managed to produce equally great products across their bodycare, skincare and makeup ranges. Usually a brand can only do one category really well but Soap & Glory is a bit of an all rounder. Recently unkown to myself and my beauty shopaholic status I accumulated a good few new to me Soap & Glory products. So I thought I’d show you what I bought and take you through some speedy first impressions!

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More Empties!

empties August

Turns out empties are like buses you have none for ages and then about 50 come along at once. I only wrote an empties post a few weeks ago here but suddenly I have another box of empties. I suppose like most people I fly through skincare much more quickly than makeup so my skincare stash is quickly running out. Let’s take a look at my latest beauty buys heading for the bin.

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Loving Dealz!

Dealz Haul

It’s safe to say I love a bit of a bargain. Dealz landed in Ireland about two years ago and we cannot get enough of it. There is a small Dealz near where I work and I tend to have a browse in it a few times a week. The great thing about Dealz is that everything costs €1.49, so you can easily spot a bargain. Dealz is ideal for a beauty fan as they often have great cosmetics from brands such as Rimmel, Maybelline, Revlon and Sally Hansen at greatly reduced prices. Here are just some of the products I’ve picked up there.

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Paris Haul!

Paris Haul

Well I just returned from a weekend in Disneyland Paris (big child that I am) and it would have been downright rude for me not to buy some beauty bits while I was there. Val D’Europe is a big shopping centre beside Disney that has some lovely shops including a great French Pharmacie, Sephora and Kiko. I spent a good two hours perusing the stores so of course I had to share my haul.

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Catrice Sale Bargains!

Catrice Sale

I think anyone who uses products from Catrice would agree that they are really great value for money. The brand can more than compete with some pricier brands with the quality of their products. Occasionally Catrice put some products on sale at 50% off when they are discontinuing lines to make room for shiny new products. When an average product from Catrice costs about €5, a 50% discount makes these sales a super bargain. I was pottering by one of my local Catrice counters when I spotted the familiar yellow 50% off labels and knew I had to take a look. Here’s what I picked up…

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My Beauty Sale Buys and Christmas Gifts!

christmas gifts

Well it’s probably no surprise that my Christmas wishlist is usually entirely filled with beauty products. My lovely family always come up trumps with some really amazing gifts. I’m also so greedy that I couldn’t help but pick up a few bits in the sales as well. Anyway I thought I would give you a peek at the new beauty bits I have in my stash.

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Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Look Fantastic Box open

Oh I’m a bit of a sucker for a good beauty box. I think it brings me back to when you’re a kid and you get a lucky dip bag with lots of little treats in it. I haven’t signed up for many of the regular boxes where the treats are a surprise but I have bought every British Beauty Blogger box as I’ve known roughly what was in them – you can see all my reviews here. I think I saw a sneaky peek of the Look Fantastic November box on Instagram and I was immediately interested. It contains a few products I have wanted to try for a long time. Lets take a peek…

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