Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish Spray

bumble dryspun finish

Ooooh now this is different. If you’re a regular Beauty Angel reader you may notice that I don’t often blog about hair products. I’m a bit meh about them if I’m honest, I have a little range of products that I like and I pretty much use all the time. But on the other hand I do love an oul bargain and a few weeks ago I was in Boots in St Stephens Green shopping centre and they had one of those lovely discount crates around. I spied Bumble and Bumble out of the corner of my eye and had to take a look. They had a big selection of Bumble and Bumble products at massively discounted prices so I bought a good few.

One of the products I got was the Drypsun Finish spray which is part of their Thickening range. I have fine hair and lots of it so I have a constant battle to try and put some volume into my hair, it’s naturally poker straight and manages to always look flat.  So what does this product promise? Well the bottle says it’s a ’translucent dry spray that creates instant fullness and texture to spin hair into an airy silhouette.’ Well I don’t know about the spinning part but it definitely adds fullness to my hair. As I said my hair is really fine but when I finish blow drying my hair I spray this at my roots from a distance and it definitely adds a kick of volume and lift. The best way to describe it is like a cross between a dry shampoo and a hairspray but it doesn’t leave any colour or feel sticky and it smells amazing. I can’t really get the effect across in photos but there is a good video on the Bumble and Bumble website here.

I’ve never really used a product like this before, I can really tell the difference with it and people have complemented my hair when I’ve used it. As well as adding volume I also think this would really help if you curl your hair and have trouble with the curls staying. My problem is I can’t quite master my curling wand so I’ll have to wait to try that one out! On the downside this does make hair feel slightly crunchy so if you’re not a fan of that feeling it may not be your cup of tea. I also think this might only suit people with fine hair, if your hair is heavier you may not get such a lift effect. The other downside of this product is the price, it’s a bit ka-ching for a hair product at €30 for 120ml. I was lucky that I got this for just €7 in Boots and am now raging I didn’t buy another bottle, I’m trying to ration myself using it at the moment. I think I will buy this again as I’m getting addicted to the lift it gives but I’m hoping I’ll find some kind of offer on. Have you tried this? Do you like the sound of it?

2 thoughts on “Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish Spray

  1. Danielle (@Lilliwhiterose)

    I’ve never tried anything from Bumble and Bumble because it would be a tad out of my price range especially for a hair product. This does sound great though as I have fine flat hair! Great that you found it for such a bargain too x


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