Botanics Hydration Burst Dual Action Cleanser


Ok I officially have a problem. I own more cleansers than I know what to do with! When I started this blog my main addiction was nails and makeup. This has now switched to skincare and an over enthusiastic obsession with cleansing!

I wasn’t always an angel with my skincare and have a teenage past littered with face wipes! But over the past few years this has been replaced with two step cleansing, serums, eye creams and moisturisers. Love it and my skin has never looked better! I have dehydrated skin ( it lacks water) that can be sensitive so I have to be careful with the products I use. I don’t use any foaming or oil control type cleansers but tend to stick to oil/cream based cleansers.

One of my favourite cleansers at the moment is the Clarins Melting Cleansing Gel but it’s almost all gone. It’s a gel formula that melts into an oil when you massage into skin. Recently I came across a great post here from Karen over at Lovely Girlie Bits where she recommended the Botanics Hydration Burst cleanser which sounded identical to my favourite Clarins one.

This stuff is just fab and a total bargain. It’s practically identical to the Clarins cleanser. It feels like a light gel and it turns to oil as you start massaging into the skin. It does a great job at removing even heavy makeup including my waterproof mascara. It leaves my skin feeling nourished but very clean and soft. This has a lovely list of ingredients the main being olive oil and also includes jojoba oil and clary sage extract.

The biggest selling point of this cleanser is the bargainous price! This costs just €8.29 from Boots – a total bargain as it really competes with the Clarins product which is more spendy. I can’t help but think Botanics is a really overlooked as a skincare brand. I have used their solid balm cleanser before and it was brilliant and this is another winner for me! Have you tried anything by Botanics?

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