Boots Haul!

Boots Haul MarchBoots has been calling me for a while! I haven’t had a proper splurge in a while and I’ve run out of a lot of my day to day products. Payday landed on Friday so of course I had to pay a visit and here’s what I picked up.

Hydraluron – I was completely lost without this. My skin was noticeably drier without it. It’s just a great step before you put your moisturiser on to help keep skin nourished all day. This cost me €21.99 which is a third off the usual price.

Hydraluron Face Masks – I have been dying to try these. As such a huge Hydraluron fan they have to be good! I’ve also never used a sheet mask before so I am very excited. There was a third off all Indeed labs so these cost me €17.99.

Avene Hydrance UV Riche SPF20 – I have no daytime moisturisers left so I badly needed this Avene purchase. It keeps maximum moisture in my skin while giving it SPF protection as well. It costs €24.99.

Boots Haul Makeup

I bought three nail polishes – very unusual for me – not! I have wanted to try the Revlon Parfumerie polishes for ages and so grabbed one when I saw it. I couldn’t wait to review it so you can read it here. I also picked up one of the new Models Own Sticky Fingers polishes that contain little bow stickers for your nails, very cute.

I really liked the look of the No7 Pop and Glow blush sticks, so I decided to treat myself to the Mango Sorbet shade which cost €12.25. No 7 have an offer on, if you buy two products you get a free Blossom Gift Box. So of course I had to buy one of their gel finish polishes for €9.99 to make up the two products! I also had a €4 off No7 makeup coupon so it all cost me just €18.

Boots No 7 free gift

No 7 Free Gift with 2 products purchased

The free gift contains a mascara, lip gloss pencil (love these!) a skin illuminator and a neutral eyeshadow. It’s a lovely little free gift so now is a good time to pick up your No7 favourites! Do you like the look of anything in my haul?

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