Best of Beauty: Skin Care Saviours

BOBBThis post is my first in the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge! The lovely Samantha over at All The Buzz came up with the challenge as a way to keep the blogging mojo going and also as a chance for us beauty bloggers to discover new blogs. I have been a bit slow with my posts of late so this challenge is really helping me to focus. Thanks Sam!

This week’s topic in the BOBB Challenge is ‘Skincare Saviours’. I struggled over this post because I discuss my skincare a lot on here so you’ve probably seen me discuss some of these before. I was trying to come up with some new skincare gems in my stash but it would probably wouldn’t represent my real saviour products. So apologies if I’m repeating myself but here are some of my skincare saviours!

Bobbss Elemis SkincareCleanser – Elemis Pro Radiance Cleanser

I’m a big fan of a cream cleanser. The one I reach for most regularly is either Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish or my current favourite which is Elemis Pro Radiance Cleansing Cream. My skin is dry so these cleansers do a great job of cleansing without stripping any moisture out of my skin. You can pick this up for €40.

La Roche Posay SerozincToner – La Roche Posay Serozinc

Well I don’t know that this is strictly a toner but it’s bloody good whatever it is. I wrote a full post on this here but basically it’s managed to calm the redness in my skin and just overall bring more clarity to it. Love Serozinc!!


Bobbss trilogy rosehip

Serum – Trilogy Rosehip Oil

This is something I reach for again and again on my dressing table. It really nourishes skin and clarifies it. My skin doesn’t really produce its own oil so I need to give it a helping hand. I know loads of people who swear by this. This costs about €23.


Bobbss HydraphaseMask – La Roche Posay Hydraphase

The La Roche Posay Hydraphase mask is a godsend to winter parched skin. My poor skin really feels the effect of the cold weather and the air conditioning in my office. I’m constantly fighting against getting that tight feeling in my face. This mask does a great job of soothing and replacing moisture in the skin, love it!


The best one and it’s free! I drink a lot of water and I really notice the difference if I don’t. It just helps keep skin nourished looking as well as helping your body drain any toxins. I know this is an obvious one but I still feel it deserves a mention!


I’m not going to start going into moisturisers because my collection is too big and I have different ones depending on what mood my skin is in. Nearly all my moisturisers are either La Roche Posay or Avene, I just find I can’t really go wrong with those brands.

So there you have it my skincare saviours! What product can you not live without?

22 thoughts on “Best of Beauty: Skin Care Saviours

  1. Catherine

    I love how you included water in your post – so simple yet I don’t even think of it when I think of skincare saviours! I need to drink more of it though, that was one of my 2014 goals that I’ve failed already!! Great post! :) x


  2. Samantha

    Am I allowed to pick favourites?? No it wouldn’t be fair….but let’s just say this post would be up there! Also love the addition of water there, so true, it is the most important thing! xx

  3. Lisa Dee

    I’ve heard so many good things about Serozinc recently, I’m dying to try it for myself!

    I also featured the Trilogy oil in my post, I don’t know how I lived without it! It lives on my night stand without fail :)

    1. Sarah Post author

      Oh do, it doesn’t look like something that will do much, but you’ll notice the benefits quickly enough!

  4. Alisha

    I must be the only one in this country who is yet to try any La Roche Posay skincare! I think that will have to change in the foreseeable future! :)

  5. Alisha

    I think I’m the only person is this country who hasn’t tried any La Roche Posay skincare! That will have to change in the foreseeable future! :)

  6. sarah

    oh the rosehip oil, that’s amazing, used it before but just forgot to purchase it as I was trying other products. And you’re the first person to say water haha just a basic skin all these products


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