Best of Beauty: Princess Product

princess productThis is my fifth post in the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge that’s being hosted by Samantha at All The Buzz. This week’s topic is Best Princess Product which basically is the most extravagant beauty or skincare item in your collection.

I’m definitely more of a budget beauty kind of gal. I’m quite an impulse purchaser and it’s much easier to impulse purchase something that costs a €5 than something that costs €50. I should probably save up all the fivers I spend and buy more fancy products! I do however splash out occasionally and I also get some expensive products as gifts.

At the moment my favourite princess product is my Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. I reviewed this quite recently here so I won’t go into too much detail about it. What makes it really princessy for me is the case, it just looks a bit extravagant and special. Sure It’s got jewels on it – not real jewels but still! Then when you open it is still a treat for the eyes. The colours are so cool, not neutral but not too mental.  I don’t really use this palette everyday so it feels special when I use it for going out.

Vice 2 - My Princess Product!

I got this as a gift (thanks sis!) but if you were to buy it, it would cost €47, so it is definitely in a princess price range. What do you think? Is it suitably princessy?

25 thoughts on “Best of Beauty: Princess Product

  1. Robyn

    I love the one UD Palette I have, but if I were to splash out, I think this one or the new Electric one would be right up there. Wonderful bright colours!

  2. Eli Dumas

    Anything UD is a princess product for me. I’d love to have the Vice 2 or the Naked 3 palette but I’m trying to work with the ones that I have and hardly ever use. I’d swatch my 15th anniversary palette for this one in a heartbeat, it has a gorgeous packaging but is not user friendly and the shades are so-so, the golden, coppery tones are all pretty much alike and some of them are too glittery and have a lot of fallout. The brighter colors are amazing though but not very usable on a day to day basis. Sorry for rambling here, I’m really tired, should got to bed now. See u next week ;)

    1. Sarah Post author

      Not rambling at all, a thoughtful comment! I don’t know that anniversary palette, I’ll have to google it, but I do love Vice 2


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