Best of Beauty: Hair Heroes!

haircare heroesThis is my second post in the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge the brainchild of Samantha over at All The Buzz! If you missed last weeks Skin Saviours post you can catch up here. This weeks topic is Hair Heroes and the products that make my gruaig look retatively presentable.

haircare herosThis is going to be a short post as I’m the first to admit I don’t spend a lot of time or money on my hair. It’s quite fine and long and I struggle to get a bit of volume into it. I occasionally get a darker colour put in it but I’m not a big fan of going to the hairdressers, I really don’t know why I always just feel a bit uncomfortable! But I’ve been talking about getting blonde highlights for a little while now so I might take the plunge soon!

Anyway enough waffle, my absolute hands down hair hero is my Parlux 3200 watt hairdryer. I have spoken about this hairdryer before, it’s just the business. I have used it for over 10 years now and I’ve only had to replace it once. It’s really powerful for keeping my hair nice and straight and to add a bit of volume to the roots. You often see these hairdryers in salons so they must be good. The hairdryer isn’t the cheapest at €99 but it is worth the money, trust me! You can buy these online from Terrisales.

My other haircare heroes include my Denman hairbrush. It’s a real old school brush but it’s just great for brushing hair without causing any damage, a classic. I really miss this if I forget to bring it away with me. Batiste is my go to for a bad hair day or if I just need some volume in my roots. I try not to use it too often but it’s great for days when my hair just isn’t behaving.

I rarely use conditioner in my hair which surprises some people. It really doesn’t need it more than once a week as my hair is just so fine. I’ve started skipping conditioner altogether and have been using some Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil when I get out of the shower. It does the conditioning job and your hair will smell fab!

So they’re pretty unexciting Hair Heroes but they really are items my hair won’t survive without. What is your must have hair product?

24 thoughts on “Best of Beauty: Hair Heroes!

  1. Kandigloss Makeup

    Aw yeah Sarah, how could I forget my trusty Parlux hairdryer?! It’s the only one I’ll use, I had one for 11 years before I got a new one, it was just cracked at the side but the motor was still going strong! They really go the distance don’t they? :-)

  2. Beauty Baggage (@BeautyBaggage)

    I cannot believe I forgot my hairdryer for my post, but I also own a Parlux one. It’s amazing isn’t it? My aunt used to be a hairdresser and got for me wholesale. I cannot even remember when I got it, prob 10-12 years ago, still works as well as the day I got it!

  3. Avril Murphy

    I love that hair dryer, sadly mine died last week. I have the Nuxe oil but never thought of using it on my hair. I know you can but I’ve never tired it. Will be now though x

    1. Sarah Post author

      I must admit I have been air drying a bit lately as well! I usually only use the hair dryer for straightening

  4. Eli Dumas

    Would love to try out the Nuxe oil, it seems so luxurious. I’m not using conditioner also, just a few sprays of apple cider vinegar to help detangle and take away any gritty texture.


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