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BOB beauty treatmentThis is the penultimate post in the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge that has been organised by Samantha at All the Buzz. This weeks topic is your favourite beauty treatment. My favourite beauty treatment hands down has to be a facial. I just love the feeling of having my skin pampered by an expert! Over the years I think I have had Dermalogica, Elemis, Yonka and ESPA facials.

I had an Elemis facial in the spa at Mount Wolesley. I think this may have started my love affair with all things Elemis. This is where I found my beloved product the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. It really calmed my skin. This is also where I was freaked out when the therapist told me my skin was showing signs of Rosacea, something I’ve been taking measures against since.

I have had a Yonka express facial and the La Grande Classique facial with the lovely ladies at Tigerlily Beauty Salon in Rathcoole. The therapists there are so lovely and they wrap you up in a lovely warm blanket cocoon for your facial. They always leave you loads of time to relax (or sleep in my case) with your mask on as well, it’s always a lovely treat. The Yonka range is very gentle and soothing for my dry and sensitive skin.

I’ve had a few Dermalogica facials over the years (I can’t remember where now) one of which led me to discover their Total Eye Repair, which I think is a great eye cream, I must try it again. I also discovered their Daily Microfoliant but I got a bit carried away with using it all the time, be careful with it if you have dry skin, maybe only use it once a week.

I had an ESPA facial when I had my fab lady of leisure day at the Ritz Carlton Powerscourt here. This facial was so thorough my skin really glowed after. I’m definitely going back again this year, it’s such a fabulous spa.

So there you have it ladies, my best of beauty treatment is a facial. I’m not going to pick one brand as I have had benefits from them all! I think it’s a great treat to give yourself every few months, a moment to escape and pamper yourself. What’s your favourite beauty treatment?

15 thoughts on “Best of Beauty: Beauty Treatment

  1. Eli Dumas

    You make it sound very appealing. I’ve never had a facial but after reading all your posts about this subject I think it’s time I’d start. Great post!


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