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bob bloggersAh and here we are the last post in the Best of Beauty Blog Challenge! The final topic is Beauty Bloggers and this is possibly the hardest one for me. There are just so many blogs that I love reading I don’t want to single out some and realise I’ve ignored others. But here are some of my favourite beauty bloggers…

Makeup Monster – if you’re an Irish Beauty Blogger you’ll know that this lady is one of the most supportive bloggers out there. She writes really clear posts with big bright photos and she isn’t afraid to tackle the topical. I really felt the support from her when I first started blogging and it continues to this day. I always enjoy reading new posts from her and know she speaks sense.

Lovely Girlie Bits – the lovely bridies themselves. I always have a good chuckle with Karen and Joanne especially their hilarious You Tube videos. If you haven’t seen any of their videos you really must go watch one right now. Karen is also great at showing before and after photos of products which are really helpful. She makes me want to be braver at showing my face on my blog!

Let’s Talk Beauty – I don’t follow that many blogs in the UK but I really feel an affinity with Vicki’s blog. I feel like if I met her in ‘real life’ we’d really get on! She reviews a great mix of high end and budget products and always has bright clear photos. She’s also great for reading and commenting on my little blog which I really appreciate.

Nurse Fancy Pants –  Another great Irish Beauty blogger and I love the name of her blog you won’t forget it! Chloe always has really well thought out and pretty posts, she has tempted me into adding many a product to my wishlist. She’s also overhauled her blog recently and it’s looking great.

Dolly Rouge – if you’re a big you tube video fan then I highly recommend you pay Kat and Rachelle a visit. She has a great straight talking style for her videos and I always am really confident about whether to buys something of not after watching them.

Aghh I don’t want to keep rambling on but below are some other blogs I like and read regularly…

Too Many Muffins – another lady who’s gotten a new blog look, always a great read from Nora. Great for an honest review and a few tunes thrown in as well.

Behind Green Eyes – Sharon always has an eagle eye for a product and is fond of a fancy nail which is my weak spot.

The Beautiful Truth – a new-ish follow for me. Sinead gives some great product recommendations, always has lovely photos and her makeup always looks great!

Viva Adonis – The girls are also producing some great videos and make some brill product recommendations from the budget to the high end.

Also much much love for Not Just Inside, Fluff and Fripperies herself, The Nail Affair, Total Makeup Addict and Girl Friday Beauty Blog (big hugs for you x). I’ve just noticed how many bloggers have overhauled their sites recently, it must be Spring cleaning fever coming out and don’t they all look lovely :-)

Last but not least is our lovely hostess and Blogger of the the Year herself All the Buzz. Sam has a great mix of beauty, fashion and topical chats on her blog, definitely one to follow! A big thanks to Sam for hosting the challenge, I think it’s been great and I’ve found some lovely new blogs, I’ll miss it!

I’m so sorry to the people I’ll kick myself for forgetting afterwards, I’ll probably update this on the go and it’s reminded me that I really need to update my blog favourites page as well.

So tell me who are your favourite beauty bloggers?

15 thoughts on “Best of Beauty: Beauty Bloggers

  1. Nora

    I was nodding along as well! It’s so hard to include everyone and I’m raging I left you out! Gonna edit it now because I love your blog x


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