Beginners Advice on Blogging

advice bloggingAh here now I am just a little bud in the garden of blogging as I’ve only been blogging a few months. But this is one of today’s topics for the September Beauty Blog Challenge so I thought I would write it from a newbie perspective. This is what I have learned about blogging so far and some small titbits of advice. I’m sure my seasoned blogger friends would have plenty more to add so I recommend following the #SBBC on twitter for more advice.

Love your chosen topic

It’s just never going to work and you’re never going to keep it up if you don’t love what you’re talking about. I could talk about makeup, skincare and the likes till the cows come home, so I am rarely bored by my blog. Sometimes I let the pressure of being ‘successful’ get to me but then I remember I just started it to enjoy the creativity of it and that keeps me going.

Be social

Get on all the social media, especially Twitter. It’s such a great way to connect with other bloggers and readers alike. I’ve met some really lovely people and I’ve only been blogging a few months. I use Facebook, Twitter and Google + for promoting and chatting about my posts  but Twitter is definitely a winner here.

Be nice and open

This is probably a rule in general for life but I try to be friendly and open on my blog and all of my activities around my blog. I never miss an opportunity to help somebody with a beauty dilemma and try to add to conversations as much as possible. I think if you’re entering blogging for all the right reasons and are passionate this will shine through.

‘Don’t Half-Ass it’

Back when I just started I asked a few of the girls in the #irishbblogger twitter chat, what advice they would give themselves again if they were just starting out. I really wish I could remember who said this but one of the girls said ‘Don’t Half-Ass It’. This has really stuck with me. Sometimes when you need to publish a post and you have loads going on you can sometimes think ‘Ah sure it’ll do.’ But I’ve really tried to avoid this. I hadn’t really posted every day because I wanted to take time to perfect my posts but for September I’m trying to do that and post every day, it’s certainly a challenge!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – getting technical here!

Now this may not apply to everyone but I get an awful lot of traffic to my blog through search traffic. I put this down to the SEO I use on my site. I self host my blog through and there is a brilliant SEO plugin called Yoast. It guides you to picking the right keywords and search terms and labelling everything in your posts correctly. My traffic numbers are probably tiny compared to some but about 60% of the visitors to my site come through search traffic and for a new blog my Google ranking is quite high for certain product searches. I highly recommend getting to grips with SEO if you can, it’s not as difficult as it sounds! I still think social media is a main way of generating.

So I’m sure there are a million other bits of advice but these are the ones that were at the top of my mind for blogging. What’s the best tip you’ve gotten or are you considering starting a blog?

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