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Beauty BlenderI have wanted to try this for aaagggees. I had tried a few cheaper Beauty Blender dupes and wasn’t massively impressed but I couldn’t ignore the glowing reviews of my fellow beauty bloggers. My mam kindly brought me this back from her hols and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Apologies that it doesn’t look the best above I broke the blogger cardinal rule and didn’t take photos of it before I used it and you can read about my cleansing woes below!

With the Beauty Blender you dampen the sponge a little bit and use it to press foundation onto the skin. It’s kind of fun to use, It reminds me of painting as a kid or something. I like that the sponge doesn’t absorb too much foundation but just the right amount to apply it onto skin. The sponge gives great coverage without feeling too heavy. It also works perfectly for my dry skin as the sponge is slightly damp it leaves a lovely feeling on the skin.

Beauty Blender box

I’ve definitely noticed a much better finish to my foundation and it lasts much longer than usual. I’ve noticed by 4pm in work that my foundation is still looking pretty good and hasn’t sunk into pores as much as it would if I had used a foundation brush. You can see the lovely finish it gives below using my current favourite Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation. I’m not wearing any other concealers or products in the photo below so you can see the Beauty Blender helps to give really good coverage on my redness and dark circles.

beauty blender before and after

The only slight issue I have with the Beauty Blender is around cleaning it. I’ve only had it two weeks now and have been trying to figure out the best way to clean it. I read the best way is to soak it in soapy water overnight. I did that and was surprised at the amount of dye that came out of the sponge. I was also surprised that the overnight soak didn’t get rid of all the foundation stains. I tried using a bit of oil cleanser but even that didn’t remove the stubborn foundation. This just concerns me that the Beauty Blender may not be super hygienic but I’ve since read that ideally you should clean it after every use which I’m going to do. Still I’d imagine you’d need to replace this every few months or so.

Having said all that I really love the finish that the Beauty Blender gives to my foundation, I can’t see me switching back to my brushes any time soon. I’ll just be trying to keep it super clean and will replace it regularly enough. The Beauty Blender isn’t the cheapest at €24 but given the results I would happily pay that for it again! Love it! You can buy the Beauty Blender in Space NK on Grafton St in Dublin.

5 thoughts on “Beauty Blender Review

  1. Makeup Monster

    You have a very good mam! Delighted you love it too, it really is a game changer! Agree cleaning it is the only pain, to be honest I use Oscar’s water wipes and scrub it (gently) clean with a couple after every use.


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