Alpha H Liquid Gold Review

Alpha H Liquid Gold Review

I’d like to start by apologising for my lack of posts over the last few weeks. I had to move out of my lovely apartment :-( and things have been a bit all over the place. Moving is definitely not a fun experience!  I find it very hard to blog when I’m stressed but fortunately things have calmed down a bit and my blogging mojo is slowly arriving back. So I thought I’d start back by giving you a review of the famous Alpha H Liquid Gold…

Ehhmmmmm……. Not sure where to begin with this one as my conclusion might be slightly controversial. Alpha H Liquid Gold is one of those holy grail products that every dog and divil goes on about as being an essential for your skincare routine. Its status is what prompted me to buy a gift set on sale from Look Fantastic after Christmas.

For those of you not familiar with Liquid Gold in a nutshell it’s a glycolic exfoliator. So you just put a bit on a cotton pad and swipe it over your skin, the glycolic ingredients dissolve old skin cells to leave more glowing and smooth skin underneath. Liquid Gold contains 5% glycolic acid, which is interestingly the same amount as Pixi Glow Tonic – it also contains alcohol as the second highest ingredient after water as well as glycerin and licorice. The ingredient list isn’t massively special and the high alcohol content doesn’t sit well with me!

Alpha H Liquid Gold Review bottle

The recommended method for using Liquid Gold also raises some eyebrows. You’re supposed to apply it to cleansed skin every second or third night and apply nothing after it, just leave your skin be. I was initially hesitant to do that as my skin is quite dry and sensitive. When I apply this it stings a bit but it goes away after a few seconds. I was worried my skin would have a strong reaction but apart from the stinging there wasn’t any other irritation from this.

I’ve been using this since January but I just haven’t fallen in love with it. I know *Gasp* from everyone who thinks this is a holy grail, super-duper, miracle product but it hasn’t really blown me away. It definitely left my skin feeling soft but I haven’t noticed any major lasting changes to the texture or pigmentation of my skin.I still have small patches of rosacea with a few bumps here and there and my skin just seems a bit more dry. Now I don’t have bad skin and have been using Pixi Glow Tonic for years so maybe I couldn’t expect anything too dramatic from this but I’ve just been left feeling a little underwhelmed.

If you’re new to glycolic products my recommendation would be to try Pixi Glow Tonic first and see how you get along with that. I’m not sure I’d repurchase this as I think overall Glow Tonic is just a better fit for my skin type as it contains the glycolic ingredients but also more skin soothing and moisturising ingredients. Liquid Gold is also spendy enough at €40. I’m afraid I haven’t seen a big enough difference with Liquid Gold to justify the pricetag or the sting!

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