Hi there!

Hi there!

Hi there,

Well thanks for reading lovely lady or indeed lad!

I’m Sarah and I’m here to share my love of all things beauty. I was nervous about starting to blog as I know there are so many amazing beauty bloggers out there (some of my faves are on the links page) but I decided it’s what I love and I’ll share my thoughts even if nobody listens but me, ha ha :)

I’ve been addicted to make up and beauty bits since I turned 12 or 13. I inhaled all the beauty tips in teen magazines – I think Sugar was my favourite  – and I spent any spare money on makeup.  I still remember my excitement at my first trip to Boots before it arrived in Ireland (In 1996 for you fact fans!). My mum kindly gave me £15 to spend and I snapped up a rake of products including a No. 17 glittery orange eye shadow stick– oh the glamour!

Last year I decided to do a Make Up Artist course with the lovely bunch at LA Make Up Academy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it’s only fueled my product addiction and added to my long makeup wish list. I’ve no plans at the moment to become a professional MUA but am enjoying practising on my family and friends!

Anyways this blog is just about my everyday beauty obsessions, what I’ve bought, like, don’t like and just general beauty chat, hopefully sprinkled with a few laughs.

Anyway thanks for reading this far I hope you enjoy my posts and if you do please share or comment or like or tweet – or all of above!



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