Monthly Archives: February 2016

Latest Empties – Show me the rubbish!

empties cover

I’ve been writing more empties posts than ever over the last year, I’m not sure what this says about my cosmetic use but it’s clearly on the rise. The only good thing about empties is it can be an excuse to shop for replacements but that doesn’t help when you’re stoney broke! Here are the latest lot of products that are headed for my bin…

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Collection #BlushAndGlow Palette

Collection Blush and Glow

It’s been a few years since I bought a product from Collection (or Collection 2000 as it will be forever known to me!) but their current Pro Palette range is looking pretty good. It’s a new range of eye and face palettes at bargain prices. I was spending the last of a voucher and picked up this little blush palette to get as close to my voucher total as possible!

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My Cleanser Collection!

Cleanser Collection

In 2015 I became truly obsessed with skincare and with cleansers in particular! I’ve now about 10 regularly on the go so I thought I’d share these with you and some speedy reviews. I have three main types of cleanser on the go, balms, creams and gels. I did have one pure oil cleanser in the mix but sadly that is all gone and I’m on the hunt for a new one – am eyeing up the new Elemis one. I’ve divided the speed reviews by the type of cleanser below. Where I’ve done a full review of the cleanser the link is in the name.

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