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My Favourite Makeup Products of 2015!

Makeup 15

Over the last few weeks I’ve brought you my favourite bodycare, skincare and products I didn’t rate in 2015. I’m going to wrap up my look back at 2015 with my favourite makeup products. None were new products in 2015 but they were all new to me!

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Products I didn’t love in 2015

products didn't love

I tend not to go on too much about products I don’t like as I can’t really recommend them and what doesn’t work for me may well work for someone else. But I’ve been posting my favourite products of 2015 so I thought it only fair that I balance this a bit with a few products that I didn’t love or just didn’t work for me in 2015!

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My Favourite Bodycare Products of 2015!

bodycare picks

People always laugh at my bathroom with the volume of products lying around. I don’t have the heart to tell them that it’s only scratching the surface and I have boxes of stuff dotted around the apartment! I probably need help! Following on from my favourite skincare products last week here are my top picks for bodycare and haircare products that were new to me in 2015.

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My Christmas Beauty Haul!

christmas haul

The great thing about being a beauty blogger is that it’s pretty obvious what my gift of choice would be! This is not something which has gone unnoticed with my loved ones so generally at least half my gifts are beauty related. I’m also really greedy and tend to buy at least one or two things in the January sales. So I thought I’d give you a peek at the lovely beauty gifts I got for Christmas as well as the few bits I couldn’t resist in the sales!

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My Favourite Skincare Products of 2015!

Skincare picks 2015

I’ve been looking back over the year 2015 and I’ve been thinking about some of my beauty highlights. Over the next week or so I’ll bring you my favourites in bodycare, skincare and makeup. I was mostly skincare obsessed in 2015 so I’m going to start there. Here are my favourite products that were new to me in 2015.

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Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar

Marks and Spener Advent Calendar

Happy New Year everyone!! I know it’s not Christmas any more but I just think it’s really important that I show you how AMAZING this advent calendar was! Before Christmas I wrote a post here about my favourite of the beauty advent calendars for 2015. Among my picks were the rumours of the Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent calendar, I couldn’t get much details on this at the time but it launched in Ireland and sold out within a few hours.

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