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Dry Skin Saviours!

Well if I haven’t mentioned it fifty times, I’m just back from my hols in Peru. I had a great time but my poor skin didn’t, a lot of my trip was spent in desert or at quite high altitude and unfortunately those conditions just equal very dry skin. Everybody on my trip was glued to their lip balm and my poor hair was a tangled mess. Luckily the face on my skin was in fairly good condition and I know that was down to the skincare I brought with me. Even though I had limited space in my rucksack I brought some quality minis with me. Here’s what I brought to keep the moisture in…

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La Roche Posay Lipikar Balm AP saved my legs!

I’m back! Sorry for the long break I swear I haven’t disappeared off the planet altogether, I was just on a long holiday in Peru! I really enjoyed my adventure, Peru is a gorgeous country and the people are so friendly, I highly recommend it if you haven’t visited. While I was on my trip I took a visit to the Peruvian jungle and I got bitten alive by mosquitos. I normally don’t get bitten but one found its way inside my mosquito net and bit me alive during the night. I woke to my legs covered in about 30 bites, not a happy camper! Continue reading