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MeMeMe Arch Angel Review

MeMeMe Arch Angel Tube1

If you follow my instagram you know I love a good bargain and just after Christmas I managed to get this MeMeMe Arch Angel and the MeMeMe Fallen Angel products together in a gift set for just €10. It would have been rude not to buy them! I’ve never tried anything by MeMeMe but their products do have a Benefit like vibe about them but come in at a cheaper price tag.

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A Simple Toner – Glycerine and Rosewater

Glycerine and Rosewater

Well this is a no frills beauty product if ever I’ve seen one. I mentioned in my latest skincare update that my skin is having a bad patch of dryness at the moment. I’m trying everything I can to put moisture back into it. I recently ran out of my La Roche Posay Serozinc and was looking for a toner like replacement until I can replenish my Serozinc stocks! I was browsing in my local pharmacy for a simple toner and I came across this Glycerine and Rosewater bottle.

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Current Wishlist

wishlist cover

We’re approaching a new beauty season so all us beauty addicts have our eyes peeled for exciting launches around the corner. I’m trying to be good with my spending but that doesn’t stop me from developing a mental list of things I’d like to buy! Here are just some of the items I have on my current wishlist…

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Current Skincare Routine

Current skincare routine

I haven’t updated you on my skincare routine in a while. I find the cold weather and all the central heating is wreaking havoc with my skin at the moment. It looks permanently parched and isn’t helping the look of my foundation. I’ve been bringing out my moisture big guns in an attempt to parch my thirsty skin.

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Makeup Forever HD Powder Review

Makeup Forever HD Powder

This is one product I’ve had in my stash for ages but only recently started to appreciate the benefits of. It’s a product that I think has a love it/hate it quality to it especially if you remember the photos of celebs with visible white powder on their nose like they’d been dabbling in some illegal powdered substances. If you haven’t heard of this powder before it’s a white colour translucent finishing powder. It’s designed to blur imperfections and slightly mattify skin.

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Stila Convertible Colour in Peony

Stila Convertible Colour Peony

I’ve never really owned anything from Stila but have read many glowing reviews. I was browsing the January sales in Marks And Spencer and spotted a bargain Stila Set for half price – find out more about it here.  The set contained the famous Stila Convertible Lip and Cheek Colour in Peony. It was the convertible Colour that really sold the set to me as I’d wanted to try it for ages.

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Catrice Sale Bargains!

Catrice Sale

I think anyone who uses products from Catrice would agree that they are really great value for money. The brand can more than compete with some pricier brands with the quality of their products. Occasionally Catrice put some products on sale at 50% off when they are discontinuing lines to make room for shiny new products. When an average product from Catrice costs about €5, a 50% discount makes these sales a super bargain. I was pottering by one of my local Catrice counters when I spotted the familiar yellow 50% off labels and knew I had to take a look. Here’s what I picked up…

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