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Skin 79 BB Creams – Finally!

Skin 79 Boxed

One of my favourite Irish Bloggers Makeup Monster has raved for a long time about the amazingness of these BB creams. I do like a bit of a BB cream because they act as a light foundation while protecting your skin with an SPF. I recently read another review of these by Total Makeup Addict and that gave me the final push to order these!

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Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer, Seche Vite Dupe?

Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat

Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat

I was recently reminded of the brilliance of this when one of my favourite bloggers Vicki from Lets Talk Beauty was singing its praises. Essence have only recently launched in the UK so the ladies over there are only getting to appreciate the budget amazingness that is Essence. One of my favourite products from Essence and one of my favourite nail products overall is their Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer.

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NOTW: Models Own Southern Lights

This has nothing to do with the nail polish but I am obsessed with seeing the Northern Lights, it’s been on my bucket list for years! So because of my obsession I really wanted the Models Own Northern Lights nail polish but unfortunately it was out of stock when I was placing a 50% off order online. So I opted for the next best thing… Southern Lights! This is a fine holographic glitter polish in a sheer grey toned base. It looks very sheer on its own so I think it really comes to life when used over a base colour. I used a baby blue polish underneath this and I think it really makes the glitter pop. I used two coats of glitter for this look. I wouldn’t normally wear glitters in the summer but I think this is very pretty when it catches the sunlight. What do you think? You can pick up Models Own polishes in bigger Boots stores for €6.

Models Own Southern Lights Models Own Southern Lights bottles

Korean Beauty Haul!

Korea HaulThanks to great reviews from my fellow bloggers Makeup Monster and more recently Total Makeup Addict I have been lusting after the Skin 79 BB creams. Total Makeup Addict led me to a great site called eopenmarket and I got distracted by all the Korean beauty product shininess. I of course could not limit my order to one thing. Here’s what I bought.

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Sunday Catchup!

Sunday CatchupI know I like to catch up on some of my favourite blogs on a Sunday so I thought I would start doing a short Sunday Catchup series which is a little summary of my blogging and beauty week. I’ll give you a quick run through of what I’ve been writing about, other blog posts I’ve enjoyed and any beauty bits I’ve bought!

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NOTW: Makeup Revolution Adore

It’s Nail of the Week time! As part of my bumper Makeup Revolution order here, I was restrained and ordered just four nail polishes while my sister ordered two. One of the shades was this purple beauty called Adore. This goes on quite easily, it went totally opaque for me in two coats. I expected it to be a more delicate purple shade, it goes on more purple that I thought but I still really like it. I added a few dots as an accent nail, I really need to expand my nail art techniques!! The Makeup Revolution polishes are a bargain, they cost just £1/€1.25 and come in 40 shades! What do you think?

Makeup Revolution NOTW Adore Makeup Revolution NOTW Adore Bottle

Buff Makeup – Beauty for Bloggers

Buff Makeup Beauty for Bloggers Event

I was really lucky to be invited to an event last week by Buff Makeup. It’s a brand I was aware of but had never tried so I was keen to go and have a nosy. The event was held in the swanky Westbury hotel. In all my years living in Dublin I had surprisingly never set foot in the Westbury but it is fancy pants.

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Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer in Rush

Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer Rush

Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Lacquer Rush

Two weeks ago I showed you my massive Makeup Revolution haul here and I have been having fun trying out all of the goodies! One of the products I have really liked straight away is this Vivid Blush Lacquer. It’s a liquid blusher in a small container with a pump. I chose the shade Rush as I loved the girly pinkness of it.

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NOTW: Leticia Well Nail Polish 437

A friend of mine was on holidays in Spain and came across this bargain brand of nail polish. She kindly let me borrow one to put it to the test. This is a bright coral neon that goes on pretty opaque in one coat. The bottle has a lovely wide brush so it’s easy to paint nails quickly. This is such a great shade for summer and will look great on toes as well. The polish lasts well, it took three days before I started to see a bit of wear with this. Amazingly these polishes cost just €1! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for these whenever I’m next in Spain! Have you tried these polishes?

Leticia Well

Leticia Well Bottle